Vending machines for issuing OHS tools and articles

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A universal and flexible solution that allows to reduce the consumption of the items and reduce stock amount.

Cylinder distributor, thanks to the universal sizes of  offered compartments and easy-to-use software,   it is a perfect solution for the controlled distribution of  a large amount of a diverced stock, e.g: issuing gloves, glasses, masks, cutting tools, hand tool or even medicines.

In combination with  drawer and cabinet distributors it creates a unique offer on the polish market.

Your possibilities:
  • Up to 468 independent compartments
  • Full access to articles 24/h
  • The possibility of limiting of the stock and qunatity of the issued articles
  • Reduction of article consumption up to 50%
  • Intuitive software, simple service
  • Automatic generation of reports and orders
  • The possibility of connecting with external software, e.g SAP

Our offer

We are developing for you


Distributor compartments for user-selected activity will be lighted and unlocked. User can select or return chosen quantity materials.


The user logs in to the system using a touch screen (by entering the password), fingerpring scanner or the card reader (using a dedicated proximity or magnetic card). While using touchscreen a user selects an operation he/she intends to perform (drawing, returning or supplementing) and then chooses the appropriate object and requested amount in accordance with the privileges granted by the system administrator.


Thanks to the remote access system administrator has the possibility of checing in real time the status of articles in the distributor and all performed drawing, returning and supplementing operations as well. The distributor’s software has the function of generating reports and orders which are sent automatically to the provided e-mail address.


Cylinder distributor is available in six configurations providing different compartments dimensions. The amount of compartments in one module can reach from 90 to 468 independent compartments.


The distributor enable return operations (reusable articles) to a dedicated compartments.


There is a simple mechanism which unables manual unblocking of the compartments, in case of the malfunction the user has an access to all articles in the distributor.


Sophisticated software provides authorized users, also remotely based, an access to operations made in distributor, including distributor’s stock. Statistics, reports and orders can be generated automaticall and sent via email, eg to the system administrator, deliverer, etc.


The distributor can be expanded up to 10 modules controlled by the main unit, equipped with the touch screen and computer with software. We can combine the cylinder distributor with drawer and cabinet modules and lockers.


External dimensions:
W 1030 x, ht 2025 x, depth 1030
Energising 230V
Weight 550kg


Compartment depth: 290mm
For 18 compartmens per level  D = 60 mm
For 36 compartmens per level  D = 30 mm

Available configurations
Type Number of levels Number of locations per level Total numer of compartmens Useful dimensions of compartmens (mm)
Width height depth
R 5.18/36 5 18 90 160 260 290
5 36 180 80 260 290
R 7.18/36 7 18 126 160 175 290
7 36 252 80 175 290
R 13.18/36 13 18 234 160 80 290
13 36 468 80 80 290

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